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Provision of Mobile & Telephony Services for British Diplomatic Missions in Italy

Provision of Mobile & Telephony Services for ItalyPosts Contractors must be able to provide a service that covers the whole of the Italy geographical area: The table below shows the current locations of the British Embassy and network of Consulates in Italy. Post Address British Embassy & British Consulate Rome via Venti Settembre, 00187 80 Roma British Consulate General Milan Via San Paolo 7, 20121 Milan 1. MOBILE TELEPHONY 1.1. Background The Authority currently uses the following mobile telephony: • 145 Smartphone lines • 145 Mobile devices (1/3 to be replaced over next 3 to 9 months) • 33 Data only • 39 BES service blackberry All figures are appropriate and holdings may increase or decrease as Embassy operations may require. It is expected that an increased use of instant messaging apps will further reduce the number of SMS messages sent by all types of phones. All smartphone mobile lines do not and will not use the same tariff. Data usage varies by user, as do roaming requirements. For each mobile line the appropriate tariff will be indicated during the transition period to the new contract. The solution delivered by the successful supplier must meet the Authority's current "As-Is" requirements and those future requirements linked to its Technology Overhaul programme. Enhanced service delivery and value for money/added value must also be provided for the future solution. 1.2. General Mobile Telephony Requirements Scope: The provision of mobile voice and data services. All charges. Reuse of existing numbers. 4G services. Billing services and cost management facilities. Service Transition: The Contractor shall support the transition of end-users from legacy services to the new service. This transition will included the provision of new SIM cards at no cost to the Authority. Out of scope: Mobiles locked to a network at the end of the contract period. 1.3. Tariffs The list below shows the types of tariffs that should be considered by Contractors. Given that Contractors may have different tariff structures, this structure has been used to evaluate commercial proposals. However, it is the responsible of suppliers to consider these requirements and collate their respective best commercial proposals based on the information provided. - Limited and Unlimited SMS messaging. - Free calls between internal mobiles. - Fixed rate monthly minutes packages for national calls. - Data packages - Roaming packages for calls and data: Europe and International.

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Published: 7 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 30 Jun 2017