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Supply of a Corporate Geographical Information Solution with Associated Services

Derbyshire County Council would like to hear from organisations willing to share information about their approach to the provision of a Corporate GIS Solution with Associated Services, to enable the Council to: • Gauge the likely level of interest in the project from the market; • Better understand what solutions and services are available in the market; • Explore how the options could be supplied; • Consider the likely costs; and • Determine the most effective way of packaging and scoping its requirements for any future procurement opportunity. The Council is undertaking Soft Market Testing in the form of a questionnaire, in order to explore the market and help inform the development of its requirements. Other councils may be interested in participating in this Soft Market Testing exercise and Derbyshire County Council may share the information with other councils interested in a GIS solution. This could lead to an opportunity for a collaborative procurement. Suppliers that are interested in responding need to register on the Council's electronic tendering system and download the available documentation by 5.00pm on Thursday 1st June and submit a response by 11.00am on Friday 16th June 2017. The Council anticipates that any contract resulting from subsequent tendering could be for an initial period of 3 years, with options to extend up to a maximum term of 5 years. However, this will be determined following Soft Market Testing. Suppliers should ignore any contract start and end dates published as this is a pre-tender exercise only. A PIN has been issued for publication in OJEU on 15th May 2017. *SOFT MARKET TESTING EXERCISE*


Graham Bell
County Hall
Smedley Street

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