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Clinical SPECT/CT Camera

The acquisition of a clinical SPECT/CT camera is an important part of the expansion of NPL's core function as a provider of primary and secondary standards of radioactivity, to develop clinical quantitative nuclear medicine imaging (QI) with direct traceability to NPL standards. This unique facility will be the only SPECT/CT scanner in the world directly calibrated against primary standards of radioactivity, providing world-leading nuclear medicine imaging standards and research capability. The system will also support the key role NPL currently has in delivering a step change in the accuracy of dosimetry calculations for Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT), allowing better patient prognosis through a more optimised or patient-specific healthcare-therapy service. In conjunction with the Medical Physics Metrology Institute at NPL (MEMPHYS) the new SPECT/CT facility will serve as a hub for clinical, academic and commercial partnerships. It is envisaged that the NPL SPECT/CT camera will become a new secondary standard for QI which can be translated to new and existing clinical SPECT systems to provide traceability for QI.


Phil Scott
National Physical Laboratory
Hampton Road
TW11 0LW
+44 2089436483

Contract value: 1-650000

Published: 19 May 2017, Receipt by: 26 Jun 2017