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23249-2013: UK-Bedford: Health services

The prime contractor will be responsible for developing and implementing an integrated and coordinated programme of MSK care within Bedfordshire.
The key stages of the MSK system are:
- Stage 1 – Prevention, support for self care and advice to patients, carers and professionals
- Stage 2 – Primary Care assessment, investigation, management, and onward referral
- Stage 3 – Community-based specialist MSK triage, assessment, investigation & management
o Stage 3a – ‘Discharge' (i.e. transfer) back to support by primary care or supported self-care
- Stage 4 – Hospital-based specialist MSK intervention and immediate rehabilitation
o Stage 4a – Shared decision making, patient choice, surgical listing and fitness for surgery assessment
o Stage 4b – ‘Discharge' (i.e. transfer) back to support by community-based specialist MSK team, primary care or supported self-care
Prime Contractor Musculoskeletal Integrated System - Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Situated within the NHS Midlands and the East region, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) has taken over from NHS Bedfordshire Primary Care Trust as the main commissioner of local NHS-funded care for approximately 440,000 population registered with its member practices. It has delegated responsibility in 2012/13 for commissioning services estimated at £470million. It's members are 56 general practices organised into five localities based around natural population flows and well-established Practice Based Commissioning groups: Chiltern Vale, Bedford Locality, Ivel Valley, Leighton Buzzard and West Mid Bedfordshire. The Bedford locality is co-terminous with Bedford Borough Council, and the remaining four localities collectively cover the population of Central Bedfordshire Council. The locality structure is the main vehicle through which the roles and responsibilities of the Clinical Commissioning Group are exercised.
To invigorate change towards better value in healthcare locally, BCCG is adopting a fresh approach to commissioning which focuses on outcomes from both the patient and clinical perspective. Higher quality means better value and less waste, with patients getting the right care in the right place, first time.
Our strategic commissioning plan sets out three key areas of focus for our commissioning, each with a clear outcome-based target:
- Care right now: urgent or unscheduled care
We will improve patients' experience of urgent care services, including walk-in centers, GP out of hours services and A&E services, so that more than 85% patients rate their overall experience as good or very good by 2015.
- Care for my condition into the future: planned care and long term conditions
We will increase the proportion of people with a long term condition who feel they have had enough support from local services to help manage their condition from 66% (in 2011) to 80% by 2015.
- Care when it's just not that simple: addressing complex care needs
We will work with social care to increase to at least 85% the proportion of people aged 65 and over who are still at home three months after leaving hospital for rehabilitation in the community.
Through all our commissioning activities and newly placed contracts, we will be seeking to improve outcomes in these three key areas. This specification for MSK system of care is no exception, and we will be looking for a prime contractor that can clearly demonstrate how they will help us meet our ambitions in these key areas of focus.
The prime contractor will be responsible for planned (Musculoskeltal) MSK care and clinical delivery along with the financial and budgetary management, budgetary analysis and overall contract management of the system pathway. The prime contractor will be required to deliver an integrated system pathway for musculoskeletal services that envisages the patient experiencing a seamless service across their entire journey. It places an emphasis on prevention and self-care with the patient as an active agent rather than a passive recipient.
The contract model will be based on a fixed capitation approach, coupled with a gain share mechanism that will be triggered on the achievement of specifically identified super CQUINS (stretch type objectives) that will be articulated within the Invitation to Tender document, along with all of the more salient and granular elements of detail that will become available to the successfully shortlisted bidders
As set out in the PQQ document, the contracting authority will require specific experience of MSK clinical delivery as well as a track record of having managed Acute Service/s
The contract period will be five years with an estimated budget of between £115 to £125 million.
Please note Bids from partnerships and consortia are welcomed.
Jan 15th Formalised procurement notice in the European journal and supply to health
March5th Prequalification process closes
March 15th Invitation to tender issued
April 4th Shortlisted bidders collective dialogue day
June 14th Tender submissions closed
June 27th Tender submission clarification sessions
July 8th Contract Award
August 10th Contract signing

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Bedfordshire Primary Care Trust
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Contract value: Estimated value excluding VAT: Range: between 115 000 000 and 125 000 000 GBP

Published: 23 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 5 Mar 2013