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Forensic Science Regulator - Codes of Practice and Conduct - Draft Appendices - Toolmarks

The Forensic Science Regulator (the Regulator/FSR) has published, for consultation, a draft standard entitled “Codes of Practice and Conduct” (the Codes). The Codes will be structured as a core document supplemented by appendices. The core shall deal with all general issues and build on the requirements of the International Standard ISO 17025. The appendices shall set out how the Codes operate within a specific scientific discipline (e.g. entomology), evidence type (e.g. fibre examination) or issues within forensic science (e.g. interpretation of evidence). There may also be appendices to address issues which are not common across the UK (e.g. specific legal requirements) or issues on which further clarification or guidance is considered valuable (e.g. validation). The appendices may, in some cases, be sub-divided into separate documents to cover different specialist examinations with a specific area.

Ref: HOS/12/027,


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Published: 17 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 17 Apr 2013