Public Sector Network Tender Alert


General Support Enabling Contract

The Authority is considering establishing up to 5 Enabling Contracts to provide an enduring means of ordering those Land Supply requirements that are currently subject to ad-hoc purchasing. The duration of the Contracts shall be 2 years. The initial competition shall be conducted on a sample of approximately 180 items that are representative of the range of items in scope of this requirement. Tenderers shall be provided with NATO Stock Numbers and shall be required to source the items using ISIS to provide prices and lead-times for the specified quantities indicated in the ITT. There are no drawings or specifications available to issue with the ITT. The Authority shall award up to 5 Contracts based upon best value for Defence. Full details of Tender evaluation criteria and the Contract award decision process shall be provided in the ITT. Post-Contract award, each of the successful Contractors shall be provided with a list of new requirements on a monthly basis. Each Contractor shall be required to supply prices and lead-times for those items within a specified timeframe. Line items shall then be added to the Contract offering the most favourable terms. On an annual basis, the Authority shall conduct analysis of all items bought against the Contracts and, by segmentation into category groups, shall undertake further competitive tendering exercises. Those items shall then be removed from the Enabling Contracts. It is the Authority's intention to operate electronic trading by migrating the Contracts to Purchase 2 Payment (P2P) from the outset. Any resulting Contracts shall contain a set of Key Performance Indicators to measure performance in areas such as delivery and quality, and shall include remedies for poor performance.

Ref: LSBU5/0027,


Contract value: 20000000.00 - 100000000.00GBP

Published: 15 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 15 Jan 2015