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UK-Sheffield: call centre

Contact Centre Services Framework. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) intends to establish a Framework Agreement for the provision of Contact Call Centre services to support DWP and other Contracting Authorities including Department for Social Development in Northern Ireland (collectively the Contracting Authorities) using the Framework Agreement in carrying out a range of Contact Call Centre functions, including but not limited to increasing customer access, delivering contact via telephony and other emerging communication channels and related Social Welfare administrative and processing services to customers across a range of opening hours and service lines. These services will likely involve but not be restricted to: — providing key outcomes including increasing customer access to better value and more effective channels and improving performance across the Government telephony network itself. There is a focus on single call resolution and providing services which are incremental in scale. A strategic outsourced partner(s) would complement the business delivering tangible results such as reduced average handling times and better first call resolution, — providing a flexible, cost effective Call Centre resource with the ability to respond to seasonal requirements and short term capacity requests, — providing Other Government Departments with access to or copies of any customer relationship management system developed or configured specifically to support services let under the framework and where those other Government Departments are themselves providing a similar or equivalent service, — working collaboratively with the DWP and other Contracting Authorities delivering contact telephony, other emerging communication channels, and related administrative and processing services to customers across a range of opening hours and service lines, — assisting in identifying solutions and opportunities regarding work, processes, people and estates. Being key in offering support to DWP contact growth strategy, with the potential to provide support to other government departments. This is particularly challenging given the speed and scale of change involved in delivering key Government Welfare Reforms such as Universal Credit. DWP is acting as a central purchasing body through which the other Contracting Authorities as identified in Section VI.3 may wish to procure services by calling off services under the Framework Agreement (but without any obligation on the Contracting Authorities to call-off services). Accordingly it is the intention that the other Contracting Authorities should be able to rely on this procurement to purchase such services without the need for any further primary procurement process. These are part B services and the DWP and other Contracting Authorities utilising the Framework Agreement will not be bound by the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (as amended); except as such Regulations are applicable to part B services. This notice and any subsequent notices are placed voluntarily. Individual contract values let under the Framework Agreement are likely to vary. See VI.3 for the estimated value of the first likely specific contract let under the Framework Agreement for the Child Maintenance Options Service for Child Maintenance Group, and information on the Contact Centre Service for the rest of DWP. The Framework Agreement will be for 4 years. The expectation is that specific contracts let under the Framework Agreement may be for up to 6 years. CPV: 79512000.

Ref: UI_DWP_100117,


Contract value: 150000000.00 - 150000000.00GBP

Published: 10 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 26 Nov 2016