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5592-2013: UK-Blyth: Electrical equipment and apparatus

Narec has invested over GBP 150 million of UK government, private sector and ERDF funging in world-leading capabilites which are supporting industry to deliver lower cost and more reliable offshore renewable energy technologies. In addition to the mechanical drivetrain test rig, Narec has received funding from the TSB (Technology Strategy Board) to extent the validation capability into the electrical aspect of the wind turbine.
The supplied Grid Emulator will be located within Narec, Blyth and utilised with the aforementioned drive train test facilities, i.e. Fujin and Nautilius to simulate the grid operation. The capacity of the grid emulator should be capable of accomodating minimum of 10 MVA test piece (i.e. wind turbine). This allows Narec to perform power quality validation, based on the international codes/standards/guidelines, for the wind turbine nacelle/drivetrain in the Fujin and Nautilus test facility.
All Narec test facilities are commonly connected to an interval 11 kv 50 HZ grid. Contractor must supply a Grid Emulator that can be coupled to the above mentioned 11 kv grid. Grid Emulator that operates in low voltage level (i.e Low Voltage Converter) should be avoided. Narec is seeking a contractor to supply, install and commission of a Grid emulator. Estimated start date of contract April 2013.

Ref: Grid Emulator project 383.,


National Renewable Energy Centre Limited ("Narec")
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Contract value: Estimated value excluding VAT: Range: between 2 000 000 and 3 000 000 GBP

Published: 8 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 8 Feb 2013