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Zero Funded Contract Gateway

Zero funded institutions will operate under a contract and receive a funding rate of £0 per student in the first year of delivery, with the contract providing funding in future years, subject to compliance with contract, available funding and / or policy changes / developments. While no payments for delivery will be made in the first year, eligible learners will be able to receive 16-19 bursary funds and other Student Support funding allocated taking into account the expected student numbers. During the zero funded year institutions must:  establish suitable facilities;  develop links to the local referral and education and training network;  recruit students and deliver to them education and training in accordance with the EFA contract and the principles governing study programmes as described in the publication ‘Study Programmes for 16-19 year olds ’;  submit the individualised learner record (ILR) for each student;  be in scope for Ofsted inspection;  be subject to and satisfy in the opinion of the EFA, financial health, audit, assurance and compliance considerations; and  meet all other requirements in order to be funded the following year.



Education Funding Agency

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Published: 7 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 31 Jan 2013