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4292-2013: UK-Aberystwyth: Research and development services and related consultancy services

Project Title: BAC sequencing - Lolium perenne
Project Description
Aim: DNA sequencing and bioinformatic assembly of bacterial aritificial chromosome (BAC) inserts derived from Lolium perenne. Background: Two bacterial aritificial chromosome (BAC) libraries have been developed from Lolium perenne genomic DNA using HindIII and BstY1 restriction to generate the inserts. These have been cloned into a standard BAC cloning vector. An estimate of the average cloned insert size = 125kb. A minimum tiling path (MTP) of c. 30000 BAC clones has been identified and will be rearrayed into 384-well microtitre plates prior to project commencement. The clones targeted for sequencing will be a subset of this MTP and the number of clones to be targeted will be determined partly on the basis of the tendered costings of interested service providers.
Requirement 1: To generate DNA ‘shotgun' sequence coverage of individual BAC clones to a pre-defined sequencing depth within the constraints of a chosen DNA sequencing technology.
Requirement 2: To bioinformatically generate and deliver assembled DNA sequence contigs which can be related back to individual or pooled BAC clones.
Requirement 3: To describe flexible pricing structures and data generation pipelines dependent on the final number of BAC clones to be targeted, the depth of sequence coverage to be generated and any other relevant technical or bioinformatic considerations.
Requirement 4: To provide the raw sequencing data on hard disks or using equivalent suitable media.
Requirement 5: To retain back-up copies of the raw sequencing data for a minimum period of 12 months after the initial delivery of the raw sequencing data to Aberystwyth University.
Requirement 6: To provide detailed protocols of the relevant sequencing and bioinformatic pipelines on request.
Community Benefits do not apply to this contract.

Ref: AU/IBERS/IA/2012,


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Contract value: DNA sequencing and bioinformatic assembly of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) inserts derived from Lolium perenne.Estimated value excluding VAT: 200 000 GBP

Published: 5 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 30 Apr 2013