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4472-2013: UK-Milton Keynes: Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts

Design and build of on-track rail borne geometry maintenance machines.

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Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd
The Quadrant MK, Elder Gate
For the attention of: Natalie Phillips
MK9 1EN Milton Keynes
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Contract value: Network Rail are seeking innovative solutions to the problem of maintaining vertical and lateral geometry on ballasted track.Network Rail are inviting interested parties to propose innovative solutions to the problem of track geometry remediation on ballasted layouts. The solution must take the form of a self propelled, rail-borne track maintenance machine, capable of a transit speed of up to 65 mph.The proposed solution must be capable of measuring the track geometry without external references and be capable of resolving track features with wavelength of up to 200 m. It must also be able to integrate with Network Rails Absolute Track Geometry systems. The solution will be capable of producing its own lateral and vertical designs, in addition to being capable of accepting designs created by external systems.It is expected that the magnitude of improvement in vertical and lateral track geometry provided by the solution will be at least on par with that produced by current state of the art tamping machines. However, the durability must be superior and the solution must be capable of yielding a durable result on track of all conditions, including early life ballast, track with life-expired ballast and track where poor ballast conditions render machine tamping ineffective. Interested parties will be expected to demonstrate the durability benefits of the proposed solution.In order to enhance the durability benefits of the remediation action, the proposed solution must avoid disturbing the consolidated ballast bed as far as possible. Specifically, disturbance should be restricted to the crib ballast, and to a maximum depth of 80 mm below sleeper bottom.Without damage to track components or line side infrastructure, the proposed solution must be capable of rectifying the track geometry on both plain line and switches and crossings, including (but not limited to) turnouts, crossovers, double junctions and combinations of these features in a single site. It is expected that two or more machines will be capable of working together in order to maintain Switches and Crossing units in parallel.Interested parties are requested to respond to this notice and shall be invited to attend workshops for discussions around a solution to this requirement.

Published: 5 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 1 Feb 2013