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Regional technology maintenance contracts (RTMC) (lot 1. East, lot 2. South East, & lot 3. M25 and Greater London)

The Regional Technology Maintenance Contract (RTMC) will provide all services related to Lump Sum Routine and Planned Maintenance of existing technology assets associated with the strategic (core) motorway and trunk road network in the Highways Agency East, South East, and M25 Regions. These Services shall be in compliance with Asset Management and Operational Requirements (AMOR), Technology Management and Maintenance Manual (TMMM), and other specifications and codes of practice together with professional, technical and administrative supporting duties. The Contract includes management and maintenance of. (i) traffic light signals and any associated instation and outstation controllers on the Highways Agency Network and at interfaces with Local Highway Authority roads. (ii) Highways Agency Weather Information Services (HAWIS) (iii) National Traffic Information Service (NTIS) traffic monitoring equipment. (iv) Managed Motorways, (v) Controlled Motorways, (vi) Tidal Flow Systems, (vii) DBFO sections including Tunnels, (viii) Dartford Crossings, (ix) Regional Control Centres (RCC) (for the East and South East). The Contractor will work directly under the supervision of the Regional Technology Lead Asset Support Contractor (ASC) or M25 DBFO Contractor who may provide office space for 5 people and depot/workshop space of at least 112m2 for the use of the contractor. Each Contract will be for a period of 5 years from the access date with the scope to extend by up to a further 3 years, subject to Highways Agency Operational requirements and satisfactory contractor Performance. Applicant companies (including parent companies in the case of joint venture) should be aware that they will not be permitted to hold more than 3 of the Highways Agency TECHMAC or RTMC contracts. This is to protect the public interest, in particular to ensure the resilience of the Highways Agency Network. Tendering opportunities for applicant companies may therefore be limited on these bases. For full details see the OJEU contract notice here:

Ref: 2012/S 155-259216,


Contract value: 12000000.00 - 60000000.00GBP

Published: 4 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 4 Jan 2018