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DFID 6078 - Call Down - Security & Justice Component - DFID E Somali Region

The intended impact of the five year Peace and Development Programme (PDP) is to build a more peaceful and inclusive Somali Region. Ethiopia matters to the UK for a range of development, foreign policy and security reasons. It is populous, poor, vulnerable but comparatively stable in the Horn of Africa. From a low base, Ethiopia’s growth and expansion of basic services in recent years have been among the most impressive in Africa. The UK Government has an opportunity to make our support more transformational and accelerate Ethiopia’s graduation from aid dependency. High levels of need and strong government commitment to and capability in reducing poverty mean that DFID Ethiopia (DFID E) is UK’s largest country programme, with a spend of £390 million per year by 2014/2015. The PDP is managed through four contracts. We will accept bids from bidders who have already secured a PDP contract or other DFID E security and justice contract- or who have expressed interest in another PDP contract, except for organisations who are involved in PDP Monitoring and Evaluation as this will constitute a conflict of interest. We will expect those bidders, if successful, to demonstrate at post tender clarification stage that they have sufficient capacity to manage more than one DFID contract in the Somali Region, or in security and justice in Ethiopia. In terms of demonstrating their capacity to manage more than one contract, we would expect to see among others: the ability to attract staff, to accommodate them in the region, to manage the finances of both contracts, to manage the risks of both contracts- and to demonstrate that they have the capacity to manage the logistics of an expanded operation.

Ref: DFID 6078,


Contract value: 0.01GBP

Published: 3 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 24 Dec 2017