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DFID 6077 - Call down - Mid Term Evaluation of the International Climate Fund

To assess progress towards the intended strategic objectives of the ICF, and to identify areas that may require strengthening or modification to ensure the ICF is on track and to provide timely advice for action – this also includes assessing relevance, appropriateness of ICF implementation processes, and value for money; To inform planning for UK climate finance under the next Comprehensive Spending Review, for which discussions are expected to start in spring 2013; To provide lessons to guide and inform the shape and scope for any future climate finance, such as as the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The MTE will focus on alignment of the ICF portfolio to strategic objectives, on expected results, expected value for money (VfM), and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes. The ICF is a relatively new initiative and it would be unreasonable to expect high levels of results on the ground in terms of the Key Performance Indicators from project investments to date. However, progress can be tracked in terms of design and implementation steps. Therefore the MTE emphasises the expected impacts and a review of the processes in place for the development and delivery of the objectives in order to assess progress and make recommendations for strengthening the ICF and provide lesson learning for future funding. The ICF governance and management arrangements have already been reviewed through an Internal Audit, and are therefore not explicitly the focus of the MTE. Nevertheless, examination of the MTE key review questions may lead to questions or recommendations around ICF governance and management arrangements, and if these arise they would clearly be important to capture. The MTE will cover both ICF bilateral spend and contributions through multilateral organisations, including the UK’s engagement with the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs). Where available the MTE should draw on, rather than duplicate any relevant existing reviews of multilateral funding. In particular, an independent evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) is planned to take place between November 2012 to November 2013, with interim findings scheduled to be available in May 2013.

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Published: 3 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 24 Aug 2013