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DFID 5601 - Civil Society Governance Fund - Independent Impact Evaluation Agent

The objective of this contract is to evaluate and document the impact of the Civil Society Governance Fund in its aim to improve the accountability, inclusion and responsiveness of Malawian governance through increased citizen engagement. This includes outcomes of supported projects, appropriateness of support mechanisms and overall impact of the CSGF. Design and implementation of an evaluation strategy and plan to achieve the three aspects of this scope of work (project outcomes; CSGF impact; and appropriateness of mechanism) Develop and apply methodologies and tools for measuring some indicators of impact/results, as found in the results framework and agreed with management board and CSGF managing agent (possible examples might be tools for measuring level of social inclusion; citizen action; legislative and policy changes; community input to budget; acceptance/inclusion of disabled people; civil society capacity and legitimacy; service delivery satisfaction and improvement etc) A clear and realistic strategy for analysis and dissemination of evidence gathered, contributing to on-going improvements in projects supported, the way the mechanism is operated and the development of a stronger evidence base for future governance interventions in Malawi Provide on-going assistance to those developing projects for the CSGF and grant recipients to support them in project design in order to ensure they have appropriate results frameworks, are able to monitor and gather useful data and build into projects the opportunity for robust evaluation with realistic levels of attribution e.g use of randomisation techniques Annual work plans and budgets which will deliver these Terms of Reference and help the fund achieve its purpose Design and commission national baseline, mid-point and end point public opinion (and other) surveys on issues the project aims to impact The opportunity for the commissioning and co-ordination of two randomised control trials will be considered during the inception phase, and should be added as a separate component of any bid for these ToRs, indicating additional costs etc Undertake/Commission evaluations (appropriate to the scale of project investment) of a sample of projects in the portfolio Develop lessons-learning papers for use by the CSGF and its partners to improve the impact of its work Analysis of the portfolio composition in terms of: Spread of risk The three result areas (outlined above) Value for money/cost-benefit analysis Geographical balance Disaggregation of all results possible so that the differential impact on different groups, including men, women, girls and boys are better understood Report to the Board on the findings of their work and make actionable and prioritized annual recommendations on how the programme could improve its overall impact

Ref: DFID 5601,


Contract value: 0.01GBP

Published: 3 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 31 Dec 2016