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DFID 6020 - Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) – Southern Africa.

DFID Southern Africa is currently implementing a package of support to Transboundary Water Resource Management in Southern Africa, of which CRIDF is the largest component, with an allocation of approximately £18.2 million which includes the management cost.CRIDF has been designed to deliver small-scale water infrastructure interventions in order to produce results in the near-term and facilitate advancement of transboundary water management by SADC member states.CRIDF will run over 4 years initially, with the possibility of a 2 year extension, providing continued need exists. The consortium implementing this programme on behalf of DFID will be expected to undertake work in at least the following areas to achieve the objective: Development of criteria for project selection and fund procedures. These should bedeveloped in association with other stakeholders (see indicative criteria in Annex 1). Selection / prioritisation of projects to be funded. The CRIDF will work with SADC, DFID and other stakeholders to identify potential programmes, screen them against agreed criteria (Area A above) providing a written evaluation for all proposals, and generate a prioritised list of projects for funding for approval as necessary by SADC and DFID. Finalisation of all aspects of the design of the prioritised projects. The CRIDF will finalise all aspects of the design of projects selected for funding. This includes facilitating and finalising financing arrangements, including arrangements where co-financing is concerned. Implementation of projects. The CRIDF will prepare the Terms of Reference for the suppliers and works contractors to implement the projects, oversee tendering, and evaluate with SADC and DFID as appropriate. The CRIDF will be responsible for the supervision of all aspects of project implementation, including monitoring, receiving progress reports, capturing and communicating results, contract variations together with the approval and payment of invoices. Capacity Development. Project implementation should include consideration of capacity development for those implementing the projects and for those that will subsequently be involved in the operation, maintenance and management of projects.

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Published: 3 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 31 Dec 2016