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411174-2012: UK-Trafford Park: Health and social work services

Lot A - to provide contraception and sexual health services for young people of 19 years and under, to include the provision of contraception and emergency contraception, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and discussion, and related activities.
Lot B - to provide an effective, accessible and clinically appropriate integrated sexual health service providing clinical contraception and sexual health to people of 18 years and over in Trafford, registered with a Trafford General Practitioner (GP) and to people not registered with a GP but resident in Trafford, as detailed in the specification, through clinic-based and clinical outreach activities.
All staff should be suitably qualified as per the specification.

Ref: T344.,


Trafford Council
Strategic Procurement, Quay West, Trafford Wharf Road
For the attention of: Heather Stanton
M17 1HH Trafford Park
Telephone: +44 1619121287
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Contract value: No contract value provided

Published: 27 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 6 Feb 2013