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411211-2012: UK-Cambridge: Business and management consultancy services

Cambridgeshire Country Council is seeking a suitably skilled and experienced consultant to design, implement, manage and monitor a Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project – under the auspices of its Local Sustainable Transport Fund funded Getting Cambridgeshire to Work programme – targeted at circa 21,000 households in Cambridgeshire between April 2013 and March 2015; to result in a demonstrable mode shift in the target audience, especially commuters, from use of the car to sustainable modes for everyday journeys.
The Contractor will deliver PTP within the two target corridors of the Getting Cambridgeshire to Work programme (hereafter called the LSTF programme):
1. Alconbury – Huntingdon – St Ives – Northstowe – Cambridge Science Park Station area – Cambridge
2. Ely – Waterbeach – Cambridge Science Park Station area – Cambridge
It is expected that households in Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St Ives, Ely and selected villages will be the primary focus for PTP.
As part of the project the Contractor will, as a minimum, be required to:
a) Carry out market research to identify the specific locations in the target area where there is greatest potential to engage commuters in their place of residence.
b) Agree with the Council the exact household numbers and locations to be targeted with PTP, as well as the detailed timetable for the roll out of PTP in these communities in 2013/14 and 2014/15.
c) Make contact with an agreed percentage of target households.
d) Provide personalised sustainable travel information directly to an agreed percentage of contacted households.
e) Segment participating households and stream their on-going involvement in PTP to ensure the information / process is most suitable for their needs.
f) Collect personal contact data from householders wishing to receive future information from the Council about sustainable travel and LSTF programme initiatives.
g) Source and / or develop information resources and incentives for distribution to households via PTP; including the negotiation of discount / taster tickets / etc. with local businesses and transport operators.
h) Promote existing and new Council / Travel for Work Partnership / LSTF programme sustainable travel information and initiatives to households.
i) Liaise and coordinate with the wider LSTF programme, officers and stakeholders to ensure PTP remains complimentary to related LSTF programme activities and initiatives – including setting up and maintaining a stakeholder group to advise on / support delivery of the PTP project.
j) Monitor outputs and evaluate mode shift outcomes – which must include as a minimum:
a. Data on activity and outputs of the project.
b. A demonstrable percentage point change in travel behaviour from single occupancy vehicle to sustainable modes.
c. A demonstrable carbon saving from the mode shift achieved.
The maximum contract value is £ 600k, however value for money and price competitiveness will be evaluated through the tender evaluation process.

Ref: Bravo Project 17378,


Cambridgeshire County Council
Shire Hall, Castle Hill
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For the attention of: Bravo project 17378
CB3 0AP Cambridge
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Contract value: As detailed in the PQQ.

Published: 27 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 24 Jan 2013