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406933-2012: UK-Stratford: Construction work

Construction work. Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work. Building construction work. Multi-dwelling buildings construction work. Multi-functional buildings construction work. Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants. Construction work of leisure facilities. Entertainment building construction work. Construction work for sports facilities. Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work. Construction work in connection with structures for sports ground. Stadium construction work. Construction work for commercial buildings. Engineering works and construction works. Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways. Structures construction work. Roof works and other special trade construction works. Special trade construction works other than roof works. Miscellaneous special-trade construction work. This Notice is in respect of a contract for the design and construction of the transformation and reconfiguration works ('the Works') required to the stadium ('the Stadium') that was used to host the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games ('the Games'). The Works are required to be completed to enable the Contracting Authority to deliver the legacy of the Stadium and realise the long-term vision for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ('the Park') and the surrounding area.
The Stadium will become the new national competition stadium for athletics and has already been chosen to host the 2017 International Amateur Athletics Federation (‘the IAAF') World Athletics Championships. It is the intention of the Contracting Authority (and its stakeholders) that the Stadium will become a multi-purpose and multi-function venue that will be capable of hosting winter ball sports, athletics, and other sporting and cultural events. The Contracting Authority is seeking to deliver a commercially viable combination of uses that achieves both year round community access and delivers wider public benefits.
The London Borough of Newham (‘LBN') have offered an investment of GBP 40m towards the transformation costs for the Stadium to its legacy configuration in order to secure legacy benefits for the people living in LBN and the surrounding areas.
The Stadium will be retained in public ownership as a public asset. The Contracting Authority has formed a special purpose vehicle with LBN (E20 Stadium LLP, herein 'the SPV') to help maximise community benefits around local employment, sport and healthy living.
It is the present intention that the SPV will take a lease for the Stadium once planning consent has been obtained, and will also be responsible for the management and ownership of the Stadium following the completion of the transformation works.
Therefore, economic operators that are interested in responding to this Notice should note that the Contracting Authority is procuring a Main Contractor for the purposes of delivering the Works for and on behalf of another contracting authority (the SPV), the full details of which will be provided to those economic operators that are invited to tender for the Works.
The Works will be undertaken on and adjacent to and around the Stadium which is located in the Park, and it is presently envisaged that the Works may involve some or all of the following main items:
- works to an existing venue;
- adaption;
- re-use and reconfiguration;
- extension;
- installation of new;
- maintenance of existing;
- commissioning and completion of new and existing;
The Works may further include (but not be limited to) some or all of the following:
- earthworks and groundworks;
- structural works;
- roofing and cladding works;
- external finishes works;
- building environmental services and utilities connections works;
- retractable and re-locatable seating works;
- field-of-play and specialist surfaces works;
- external and landscaping works;
- testing and commissioning works;
- final configuration works.
The Contracting Authority presently envisages procuring the following works via separate procurement processes:
- internal finishes and fit-out works elements, which may include ceilings / walls / floors finishes, joinery and shop-fitting, washrooms and sanitary-related works, fixtures / fittings / equipment, signage / way-finding, audio-visual, and soft furnishings;
- works to the warm-up track and community athletics facility, which may include earthworks, groundworks, in-situ concrete structures, below-ground services, above-ground external services, small buildings and structures, internal and external finishes, external hard and soft landscaping works, fixtures / fittings / equipment, signage / way-finding, audio-visual and testing and commissioning and final configuration works.
However, the Contracting Authority reserves the right to source some or all of these works as a part of the Works.
The services that may be required to be provided in respect of the Works may include (but are not limited to):
- multi-disciplinary design and technical services (including assurance);
- project and construction management (insofar as this relates to the management of the scope of the Works);
- environmental and sustainability monitoring;
- planning agent for conditions relating to the contractor's design and construction;
- Construction (Design and Management) Co-ordinator services; and
- achieve Building Control and Stadium licensing approvals.
The Main Contractor will act as the Principal Contractor and Designer (as defined in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007) for the Works, and will also be responsible for the site logistics including security, delivery management, transportation of personnel, health and welfare, and asset protection and maintenance.
The Contracting Authority presently envisages that the Main Contractor may also be required to act as the Construction Manager on behalf of the Contracting Authority. In this role, the Main Contractor will be responsible for administering and managing existing related Contracting Authority contracts that include relevant transformation works. The inclusion and extent of this service will be confirmed in the tender documents.
The Works may also include the adoption and development of the Contracting Authority's tender design information into the detailed design of the Works that has been commissioned by the Contracting Authority.
The scope of the Works may also be extended to include additional works insofar as they are necessary and appropriate for the completion of the Works, or other similar works as may be instructed by the Contracting Authority from time to time within other areas of the Park or off-Park location (where such other similar works are related to or arising from or are in connection with the Works or the transformation of the Stadium).
It is also presently envisaged that the Scope will include the provision of design warranties and performance certification for those works and / or materials supplied that are designed and / or tested by the Main Contractor and their suppliers. Economic operators are to note that this may or may not require the Main Contractor to provide a warranty for the existing buildings (dependant on the solution proposed by the Main Contractor to realise the performance specification requirements that will be more clearly defined in the ITT).
Full details of the Scope (including the warranties that will be sought, and the novation agreement) will be provided to those Applicants that are shortlisted to receive the ITT.

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Contract value: Please see Section II.1.5 above and the pre-qualification questionnaire, a copy of which can be obtained from the Supply4London eTendering services (further details of which are set out in Section VI.3 of this Notice).

Published: 22 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 30 Jan 2013