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DFID 6076 – Supplier for the Global Poverty Action Fund pilot for design, implementation and monitoring of the Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms

Supplier to design and manage a pilot to test three different approaches to gathering and using feedback from intended and unintended beneficiaries for improved impact in GPAF projects. The theory of change is that beneficiary feedback will lead to greater accountability between recipients, donors and implementers, which leads to better decision-making and development results. Each approach will test a feedback mechanism that requires a different level (of greater or lesser intensity) of resources to design, manage and implement. These are: 1) A low resource new technology model that will allow beneficiaries, groups representing beneficiaries or interested parties to provide unsolicited SMS feedback. 2) A medium resource, pre-determined social research approach. 3) A higher resource model, where the method of collecting feedback is determined by a strong context analysis. The supplier will assess the value for money of each mechanism, including but not limited to how much information is generated, whose voices are captured, how easy is it to translate the information in to practical action and at what cost. This information will help guide future decisions on BFM use within DFID. The ‘Detailed Requirements’ below gives more information on each approach.

Ref: DFID 6076,


Contract value: 0.01GBP

Published: 21 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 21 Dec 2015