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Scottish Islands Renewable Generation Study

Renewable electricity projects on the Scottish Islands (generally onshore wind and marine) have the potential to be an important source of renewable electricity for the UK. A number of stakeholders have expressed a concern that these projects are not coming forward quickly enough, in part because of the cost of the links required to connect the Islands to the mainland transmission network. Developers on the Scottish Islands and other stakeholders are calling on the Government to provide additional support to help bring these projects forward. In order to assist consideration of the need for any additional support for Scottish Island renewables DECC has proposed an independent study, co-funded with the Scottish Government, overseen by a steering group of key stakeholders. The study will assess: • The commercial viability of renewable projects (particularly onshore wind and marine) on the Scottish islands within existing support frameworks; • The wider economic value of renewables projects on the Scottish islands and their potential to make a cost-effective contribution to renewables targets and other objectives; • The barriers to development of renewable projects and why more projects are not coming forward; and • Assessment of barriers and identification of broadly costed options for actions to tackle them, so that an initial assessment can be made of their value for money compared to alternative sources of renewable and low carbon power. The work will also need to take account of the emerging conclusions of the independent Ofgem review of transmission charging (Project TransmiT). Implementation work is proceeding through an industry working group under the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC) which will make a series of recommendations to Ofgem on how to include generators on the Scottish Islands in the transmission charging regime.

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