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404915-2012: UK-Belfast: Refuse and waste related services

Currently the services consist of the collection, transfer, storage and re-use, recycling or disposal of all solid waste produced by vessels calling at Belfast Harbour. The current service is based on the provision of 21 covered and lockable skips for special (international catering/galley waste), 21 skips for ship (non-galley) and 4 roll on roll off containers for cargo generated waste. All waste containers are required to be marked and colour coded. Any waste receptacle must be capable of being moved, removed or replaced at any time for operational reasons anywhere within the Harbour at no additional cost. The services are required 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Appropriate records of services provided must be retained and maintained, and produced to BHC upon request at any time.
The Transfer of Udnertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations and/or the Service Provision Change (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 may apply to the staff/operatives currently engaged in the provision of the services. Further information will be provided at the invitation to tender stage of the process. Bidders are required to seek their own advice, make their own investigations and include for this if applicable in their tender responses. Information on the scope of services required by BHC is provided at Appendix 4 to the PQQ. In terms of specific functional and performance requirements for the services:
(a) the services will be required on a 24/7/365 basis;
(b) the successful bidder will be responsible for collection, removal, treatment/recycling and final disposal of ships waste and cargo waste in accordance with all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of conduct throughout the duration of the contract, including, without limitation, the legislation and regulations outlined in the Port Waste Management Plan enclosed as Appendix 5 to the PQQ;
(c) bidders should note that the waste services required for the Harbour Office, Harbour workshops and port operations facilities are excluded from the scope of services required;
(d) the successful bidder will be expected to deal with small quantities of hazardous waste, such as oily rags, filters, paint, fluorescent tubes, small quantites of waste electrical equipment, lubricants and spent cleaning materials within the scope of the contract awarded and at no extra cost to BHC;
(e) the successful bidder will be required to deal with all cruise ship waste, a breakdown of the composition of which is provided as Appendix 6 to the PQQ;
(f) the successful bidder will be required by the terms of the contract to meet a minimum target of 85% diversion of all waste from landfill;
(g) all requisite documentation and licences (e.g. waste transfer notes) must be retained, maintained and made available for inspection by BHC at any time upon request, both during the term of the contract and for a period of two (2) years thereafter;
(h) all international catering/galley waste must be handled and disposed of to the satisfaction of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland; and
(i) the only facilities BHC will make available for provision of the services are a waste transfer facility and related storage at West Twin Square.
Bidders should further note that:
(a) cruise ship visits to the Harbour are estimated to be likely to increase from 45 in total during 2012 to 60 in 2013 (during the months of April to October);
(b) D1 offshore wind hub is due to commence operation in 2013 (approximately 40 conventional and 48 installation vessels during the first quarter of 2013). The waste arrangements for this operation have not been fianlised as yet and bidders should note that alternative waste management and disposal arrangements may be made for this site, outside of the scope of this tender. Further details will be provided to bidders in due course;
(c) BHC holds a waste exemption licence for short term storage of ship's waste at West Twin Square; and
(d) any alterations proposed to the Port Waste Management Plan, enclosed at Appendix 5 to the PQQ, must be approved in advance by the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

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For the attention of: David Knott
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Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to: Belfast Harbour Commissioners
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For the attention of: Financial Controller
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Contract value: It is anticipated that the contract will commence on 2 April 2013 and, subject to performance and the contract terms, continue thereafter for an initial period of three (3) years. The Contracting Authority will have the option, at its discretion, to extend the contract for up to two (2) further periods of twelve (12) months each, subject to the terms of the contract and performance of the service provider. Approximate estimated annual value is £200,000.Estimated value excluding VAT Range: between 600 000 and 1 000 000 GBP

Published: 21 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 25 Jan 2013