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401872-2012: UK-Belfast: Transport systems consultancy services

Translink (Comprising of Citybus Ltd, Northern Ireland Railways Co Ltd and Ulsterbus Ltd) and including Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHC) (known as 'The Group') are seeking to appoint a supplier to provide in-depth advice and information to assist Translink on options and costs of design, specification and implementation of their Next Generation Ticketing System.
Translink's current ticketing equipment was first implemented in 2001 and is therefore nearing the end of its useful life with components becoming obsolete. Translink's existing suite of equipment includes approximately 1 800 on-bus (module-based) ticket machines, 150 office/shop-based ticket machines, 280 portable rail hand-held ticket machines, 30 on-platform smartcard validators along with local and centralised reporting system spread across 55 bus and rail locations within Northern Ireland.
Whilst all of the above equipment is supplied by Parkeon (single-supplier, multi-operator system), Translink also partner with other 3rd party ticketing service providers for other key elements of our system such as smartcard bureau services, mobile ticketing services, smartcard retail network provision, smartcard stock supply etc.
Translink have offered a wide range of concessionary and commercial smartcard products to our customers since 2002 with now over 22 million passenger journeys (approx. 30 % of total passenger journeys) taken via smart ticketing and with over 320 000 customer smartcards in regular use.
The majority of Translink ticketing services including system management, hardware maintenance, customer support, fares & ticket type configuration and smartcard administration is managed in-house by Translink Ticketing Systems Department.
The Next Generation Ticketing System Project covers option selection, procurement and deployment of new technology to replace current systems and functionality to meet evolving and future customer needs and delivering business, policy objectives and outcomes for Translink and Department for Regional Development whilst also ensuring compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.
The ticketing system is targeted to increase usage of public transport, increase ticket sales revenue and passenger numbers whilst also delivering an enhanced customer experience. The project will also facilitate more informed business decisions through better reporting and improved business intelligence.
The contract will be offered to one successful External Technical Advisor in two distinct stages:-
— Stage 1 – Feasibility Study Stage including Procurement up to the point of contract award to supplier – The key outputs from this stage of the contract will be
i. provision of advice with regard to commissioning, supervision and validation of a detailed customer/market research exercise undertaken and managed by Translink with a view to incorporating any valid recommendations within the Next Generation Ticketing System;
ii. provision of expert advice concerning specific areas requiring technical expertise (Ticketing Media Selection (including Smartcards) and alternative means of ticketing e.g. EMV, Smartcard Security Standards, security issues, Smartcard Migration Strategy, Smartcard Products plus PCI DSS and PA DSS);
iii. production of a Feasibility Study report providing detailed options and associated costs & benefits of mandatory and optional requirements from the next generation ticketing system so that Translink can use these to (a) decide which option they wish to pursue based on the costs and benefits of each (b) incorporate the options, costs and benefits into an Outline Business Case and Economic Appraisal;
iv. validation that the System Specification developed by Translink for the purposes of subsequent tender is consistent with the preferred technical option from the Feasibility Study, technically accurate and practical in terms of implementation;
v. provision of expert advice on evaluation of the technical, legal and/or integration aspects of the proposed procurement.
— Stage 2 – Implementation Stage – Whilst the outputs of this stage are heavily dependent on the solution outlined in the Feasibility Study we would expect that the key outputs from this stage would be that the External Technical Advisors:-
i. provide continuing advice and assurance during the system design and implementation phase of the project to ensure that Translink are following all recommendations and options as prescribed from Stage 1;
ii. provide advice and guidance in dealing with the appointed Ticketing System Suppliers on key implementation issues, including any technical issues which may arise from the integration of components from different suppliers and associated user testing, should they arise;
iii. provide advice and guidance in relation to migration and roll-out strategy from the existing system to the new system including implementation with normal daily operations of Translink's business;
iv. provide advice and guidance in making strategic decisions especially when a previously devised implementation process is not achievable and requires a suitable workaround or revised plan.
Please note that in relation to Stage 2, progress of this stage is dependent on availability of funding (to be confirmed). Please also note that Translink reserves the right not to proceed to Stage 2.
It must be noted that The Translink Group shall take account of the need to ensure adequate competition in determining the number of contractors selected to tender for or to negotiate the contract .
NOTE - Suppliers must receive an overall score of 70 % or over in the PQQ to proceed to the Invitation to Tender stage of the process.
Anticipated commencement of Contract. June 2013
Duration of Contract
— Stage 1 – June 2013 to July 2015 (based on indicative timeline detailed below)
— Stage 2 – July 2015 to July 2018
Stage 1 - Indicative Timeline Description of Activity
June 2013 Appointment of External Technical Advisors
June to November 2013 Options Development & Costs*
December 2013 Feasibility Study Report*
November 2013 to February 2014 Economic Appraisal Document
May 2014 Letter of Offer for Funding
October 2013 to October 2014 System Specification*
October 2014 to June 2015 PQQ and ITT Procurement Processes*
July 2015 Appointment of Supplier/Contract Award
* — External Technical Advisors will be required to advise contribute to these activities in the above table.

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