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399792-2012: UK-Telford: Repair and maintenance services of motor vehicles and associated equipment

Repair and maintenance services of motor vehicles and associated equipment. The Authority has a potential requirement for the repair/overhaul of various Axles, Gearboxes, Transfer Assemblies and Hydraulic Assemblies used on various fleet vehicles currently in service in the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). At present the possible future requirement covers, but is not limited to, the following Categories Lots:
Lot 1: Repair of Gearboxes, Transfer Boxes, Axle Transmissions and Differentials as used on various vehicle fleets such as Leyland DAF / Land Rover / Pinzgauer and Foden
Lot 2: Repair of Steering Gear and Hydraulics as used on various vehicle fleets such as Foden / Land Rover / MAN SV / Leyland Daf and Pinzgauer
Lot 3: Repair of Axles, Gearboxes and Transfer Boxes as fitted to the GSG MAN SV Vehicle fleet
Lot 4: Repair of Prop Shafts as used on various vehicle fleets such as MAN SV / Foden and Leyland DAF
Lot 5: Repair of Axles and Transmissions as fitted on the GSG OSHKOSH Wheeled Tanker Fleet
Lot 6: Repair of Various (Axletech) Axle Assemblies as fitted on various PMT Vehicle Fleets
Lot 7: Repair of Various (Fabco Cushman and Axletech) Transfer Gearboxes as fitted on various PMT Vehicle Fleets
Lot 8: Repair of Various Shepherd / TRW etc Steering and Hydraulic Assemblies as fitted on various PMT Vehicle Fleets
Lot 9: Repair of Various (Marmon-Herington) Axle Assemblies as fitted on Various PMT Vehicle Fleets.
The successful Contractor(s) will be required to overhaul/repair Articles as per OEM Specification with an accompanying Certificate of Conformance detailing results of output tests. The successful Contractor(s) will need to be able to supply, as necessary, certain major components, in addition to the overhaul process, where found to be missing or unserviceable due to the nature of usage by the MoD Customer.
Successful Contractor(s) will be expected to arrange the subsequent packaging to appropriate Military Packing Levels and deliver articles to the Authority post completion of the overhaul activity.
Companies wishing to express an interest must have the capability to arrange dynamic load testing (where applicable), through the use of a dynamometer to establish OEM Performance Specifications.
The Authority may wish to conduct a pre-qualification exercise to assist in the down selection of prospective Tenderers. Only those companies who can demonstrate a sufficient level of competence, experience and resources against the Authority's pre-qualification criteria will be invited to tender. It should be noted that the AWARD software package may be used as part of the pre-qualification/tender evaluation process.
QA Standards or equivalent: The Contractor shall hold and maintain a certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2000/2008, issued by an accredited certification body.
Interested parties should submit their Expression of Interest for this requirement indicating which lot(s) they are interested in supporting to:
Miss Nikki Pratt, GSG Procurement Manager, DSG Land Supply, Bldg B15, MOD Donnington, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 8JT ( and as a minimum should supply the following :
(i) Evidence of current ISO accreditation including the scope of requirement.
(ii) Demonstration of access to genuine OEM Parts
Please note that the Authority reserves the right to exclude any potential suppliers whose ISO accreditation does not cover the scope of the Authorities requirement.
Expressions of Interest should not exceed 2 A4 pages.
Please note that late expressions will not be considered, nor will expressions where no ISO Certificate with appropriate scope is provided.
The announcement of a possible future requirement is not to be construed as confirmation that a tender/contract will subsequently be issued. The issue of a possible future requirement, or the issue of an Invitation to Tender, is not to be construed as a commitment by the Authority to place an order as a result of the tendering stage or at a later stage. Any expenditure, work or effort prior to any contract award is accordingly a matter solely for the commercial judgement of the potential supplier.

Ref: LSBU7/0016.,


Defence Support Group (DSG), DSG Support Group
LSBU7, BLDG B15, MOD Donnington, Shropshire
TF2 8JT Telford
Further information can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)
Specifications and additional documents (including documents for competitive dialogue and a dynamic purchasing system) can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)
Tenders or requests to participate must be sent to: The above mentioned contact point(s)

Contract value: Estimated Quantities against Individual Articles shall be provided in any subsequent Tender Documentation.Estimated Value is the Total Combined Value of all Lots.Estimated value excluding VAT: Range: between 10 000 000 and 20 000 000 GBP

Published: 18 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 14 Jan 2013