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LPS CARE - Provider List for Break Time, Day Time and Night Time Services for Children and Young People with Disabilities - RFQ 15315157

Lancashire County Council (the Authority) wishes to establish an open Provider List of Break Time and Short Breaks Providers who are suitable, capable and experienced to deliver the required services. This will greatly improve choice and the ability to meet the needs of children and young people with appropriate services. Short Breaks Services ("the Services") are essential for children with disabilities, their parents and their carers, to ensure better outcomes and to prevent escalation of their needs, where possible. The term 'short breaks' describes services that help adult parent/carers to more effectively provide care for their disabled child by providing them regular breaks The Services commissioned from the Provider List are listed below and will support the Authority in fulfilling its statutory duty to provide a full range of Short Break Services to children/young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ("SEND") which is sufficient to assist their primary carers to continue to provide care or to do so more effectively. The Lots have been developed to cover the range of Services available and have been grouped to align to the service area types and Service User's needs. Applicants are invited to apply for all or any of the following Lots and there is no restrictions for the number of lots they can successful in: Lot 1a Break Time Lot 1b Break Time Plus Lot 2a Day Time Short Breaks 2b Day Time Personal Care Lot 3 Night Time Overnight Short Breaks Lot 4 Intensive Positive Behaviour Support It is intended that the Provider List will remain effect for 5 years, with option to extend on one or more occasions, save that the length of this Provider List Agreement shall not exceed a maximum of 7 years. Service Contracts can be awarded as call-off contracts as detailed within the ITP. This procurement procedure is considered to be subject to the Light Touch Regime under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. The Provider List is an open list: Applicants can apply to join during its term if the Applicant satisfies the selection, quality and price requirements and is able to deliver the Service as described in the Service Specifications. Evaluations of new Applications will take place annually as detailed in the ITP. The Authority reserves the right to evaluate sooner. Exact Application Evaluation deadlines dates will be communicated via the Sourcing portal as an online discussion or any other format which the Authority stipulates. It is the Authority's intention to evaluate new Applications annually or once 10 new Applications are received, whichever occurs sooner. All instructions on how to participate and apply to join the Flexible Agreement, evaluation criteria, terms and conditions and documents to be returned can be found on following webpage within the Contact details & attachments section of this Opportunity notice.


Kirsty Harrison
01772 538079

Contract value: 30800000

Published: 2 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 29 Mar 2027