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Invitation to Tender for Supply, Build and Installation of one Drying Oven for Explosives at HSE's Science and Research Centre, Buxton

The Science Division (SD) of the Health and Safety Executive invites bids for the Supply, Build and Installation of one Drying Oven for Explosives at their Laboratory located at Harpur Hill, Buxton SK17 9JN. Minimum Requirements: 1.Must be suitable for use in category B Building; Zone 21 Category 2 Ex II2D IIIC with a T4 temperature rating. 2.Oven interior size must by 1 m x 1 m x 1 m 3.Interior of oven must be made from AISI 316 /18/8 Stainless Steel 4.Must be capable of sustaining various set temperatures up to 135oC (max). 5.The inside oven temperature must be able to reach 105oC and maintain this temperature for a minimum of 30 days. 6.Must have an accuracy of set temperature for temperature inside of oven to be +/- 2oC ( inclusive of k factor) (i.e. 75 +/- 2oC or 103 +/- 2oC ) 7.The heating cabinet should be equipped with an inner ventilation system and continuous recording of temperature. 8.Heating cabinet must be double skinned and use thermal conditioning medium (i.e. thermal oil / Air etc.) 9.Must have an additional thermostatic regulator that will override all other controls and limit the temperature to a safe level. This is required to be variable to set from 85oC to 135oC (once set this must be tamperproof) 10.The temperature safety cut-off's must not be self-re-setting. 11.Oven must have an indicator light to show when the heater is energised. 12.Spatial distribution within the oven - Max +/- 2OC (inclusive of k factor ) 13.All electrical equipment to be suitable for Zone 21. 14.All sensors should be protected with Zenor barriers 15.Must be able to add external thermocouples within the oven (Record oven temperature and temperature of an explosive article with external thermocouple attached). 16.Oven Insulation material must be mineral fibre 17.Oven must be able to be programmable and be able to connect to either a network or standalone computer/recording system and be able to download/print the temperature traces of either the oven/articles being temperature cycle, preferably both. The bid proposal should include costs for the build, supply and fitting of the oven at our Buxton site. Fitting should also include equipment testing to ensure all is working correctly and temperatures within requirements inclusive of k factor (Uncertainty) Oven must come with a guarantee and all required certifications (UKCA marked) for use in an explosive dust atmosphere. Oven to be calibrated in situ - preferably UKAS accredited but to National Standards would be acceptable and provide the required calibration certificate.

Redgrave Court,Merton Road

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Published: 2 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 2 Mar 2022