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WCC Tree Maintenance

Warwickshire County Council is seeking an external contractor to support an in-house team with maintenance of highway trees and those managed under SLAs within Warwickshire urban areas. The external contractor will be provided operations via an electronic database and be expected to complete the works in the timescales provided within the specification. The Initial Term of the contract will be 2 years but the Council reserves the right to extend the contract by up to a maximum 24 month additional period. During the course of the contract period the range and scope of these services may be subject to modification and variation to meet the changing needs and requirements of the Council, potential changes in legislation and the changing demands placed on the Council by its customers. Warwickshire County Council will be using its e-tendering system (In-Tend) for the administration of this procurement process and providers must register with the system to be able to express an interest. The web address is: ( Registration and use of In-Tend is free. Once registered, all correspondence for this procurement process must be via the in-tend correspondence function. However, if you are unable to register with the website please email us at


Samantha Priestley
Shire Hall,Market Square

Contract value: 600000

Published: 2 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 4 Mar 2022