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Strategic Review for dairy genetic evaluations

AHDB is seeking a supplier, or consortium, able to perform a strategic review of the way AHDB's dairy genetic and genomic evaluation services are currently structured and financed and explore potential alternative models to ensure future excellence. Dairy genetic and genomic evaluation services are operated by AHDB to ensure impartial assessments of dairy animals from around the world and rate them on their genetic qualities, which are specifically tailored to UK needs. We recognise however that due to technological developments and structural breeding industry changes this may no longer be the only appropriate model. The delivery outputs of the current structure are limited not only by financial resource constraints, but also the availability of skilled people to undertake development work demanded by industry. In addition, the skill sets required to offer the services changes at a fast pace. We want to build and retain capacity and knowledge to ensure long term success of our activities. An important element for the success of a potentially new or improved structure is the co-operation from the main stakeholders in the evaluation process and buy-in from the wider dairy sector. The supplier therefore must consider this as part of the review. The following elements are required from the review into the Structure, Governance and Finance; 1)To review the current structure and finance of the UK dairy genetic and genomic evaluation services 2)To review and contrast the structure and finance in a number of other countries 3)Consultation with several stakeholders on their view of current service delivery and their future expectation 4)Consideration to the impact on Beef & Sheep evaluations financed by AHDB 5)To propose best structure, governance, and finance to secure future service delivery and ongoing developments of genetic and genomic evaluation to the AHDB board for consideration. i.This is to be delivered as a written report, and will be followed by a meeting to discuss the outcomes with the AHDB executive. Parties who are interested in this opportunity, please email to request the detailed specification of requirements.


Marco Winters
Stoneleigh Park

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Published: 1 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 21 Feb 2022