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NWL0054 Cardiac and Respiratory Secondary Care Services - North West London

NWL CCG requires secondary care 'outreach' services for adults with chronic cardiac respiratory and neurological conditions and/or radiology requirements. The services have previously been commissioned as separate standalone services, which are being 'in-housed' into one core NHS agreement. These include: Cardiac and Respiratory community outpatients; other community services, including geriatrician support and Specialist Neuro Rehab, Radiology at St Charles Hospital and Liaison Services provided by Imperial College Healthcare Trust (ICHT), all previously provided as separate service lines now part of the core block. In addition streaming services at St Mary's UTC were transferred to Imperial in November 2021. The CCG had separate standalone outreach service contracts in place with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT) to provide the following services: -Cardio-Respiratory, West London -Heart-failure Respiratory, Hammersmith and Fulham -Heart-failure, Central London CCG -Respiratory, Central London CCG -Cardiology, Ealing CCG -Cardiology, Harrow -Specialist Neuro Rehab, Tri Borough -St Charles Radiology, West London -Imperial Geriatrician Community Services, West London The CCG will continue to assess the needs of the service users and consider how (if relevant) it needs to: -Secure the needs of the people who use the services. -Improve the quality of the services. -Improve the efficiency in the provision of the services including through the services being provided in an integrated way. NWL CCG is currently of the view that the services described are capable of being provided only by ICHT as providers further afield would make the service less efficient. If provided by providers further afield this would make the provider less efficient and if separate non-acute providers were to supply the service it would not readily integrate with existing pathways. If it is the case that ICHT is the only provider capable of delivering the services described, then the CCG will look to award a further contract to ICHT beyond the current arrangement. The purpose of this notice is to be transparent about the CCG's intentions and to invite anyone interested in delivering the services described above to contact us by 4 March 2022. During 2022, it is anticipated that NWL CCG will be succeeded by an Integrated Care Board (ICB). Any future contract and/or procurement opportunity may therefore be in the name of the ICB.


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Published: 1 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 4 Mar 2022