Public Sector Network Tender Alert


VIVID - Mobile Provision

VIVID are looking for a 2-year, SIM-only and coterminous contract. It is paramount we continue to have an available data pool to suit our smart working ethos and, in particular, support those staff who are predominantly out in the field i.e. Trades, Neighbourhood Officers, Sales & Development teams. The coterminous element will enable us to work in an agile way, disconnecting numbers to avoid reusage and making new connections at any point during the 2-year contract, without incurring early termination charges; much of which correlates to our new starters or leavers, and those who many change job role. Currently, there is a sub-account for our Digital Inclusion team. They have devices like iPads and tablets issued to customers to use for aspects like job searching, interviews and education. They monitor and manage connections/usage/disconnections separately to the main account because it's outward-customer focused, unlike our main account which is for all VIVID staff. We will need this to continue, ensuring they are managed separately because each account has different objectives.


Simon Newby
Peninsular House
Wharf Road
+44 2392896819

Contract value: 156000-156000

Published: 1 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 21 Feb 2022