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NWL0046 Provision of Community Local Beds - Harrow

NWL CCG requires the provision of local community beds (step-up, step-down rehabilitation) for a wide range of conditions which are located in acute, intermediate care and community facilities. The aim of the service is to provide medical, nursing and therapeutic inpatient rehabilitation for patients that are registered with a Harrow GP. The objective is to provide multidisciplinary assessments of patients from the local Trust and discharge patients to the most appropriate setting via the NWL Hospital Trust Discharge Hubs. The assessor team will offer planned patient centered rehabilitative packages of care for patients recovering from acute medical and surgical conditions, (from acute units and the community) to: -Maximise independence and function prior to long term placement -Return home with or without support from Social Services and with Community therapy and nursing teams -Offer evidence based interventions and reduce inequalities in health and well being -Reduce time spent in acute urgent care settings -Provide measurable data to validate an effective and efficient service The provider(s) must be able to provide 30 local inpatient beds which can be flexibly used. These beds are expected to provide treatment in a care environment with input from a range of health professionals to ensure the holistic needs of patients are met Key services required include: -Reducing unnecessary prolonged hospital stays -Maximisation of independent living -Ensuring a positive patient experience -Reducing admission to hospital -Reducing in hospital re-admission rates -Reduction of admissions to Residential and Nursing care -Discharging package to support condition management and prevention - supported by the Primary Care Network Social Prescribers The CCG currently has a contract in place from 20th November 2021 - 19th May 2022 (value 1,061,435.71) with Care UK to provide the services during which time, the CCG will assess the needs of the service users and consider how it needs to: -Secure the needs of the service user -Improve the quality & efficiency in the provision of the services including through the services being provided in an integrated way NWL CCG is currently of the view that the services described are capable of being provided only by Care UK as there are not many large enough multi care organisation in the area to provider 30 inpatient beds and during initial market engagement, no provider capable of providing the full service. Any capable provider may come forward by 3 March 2022 to engage with the CCG. If it is the case that Care UK is the only provider capable of delivering the full services described, then the CCG will look to award a further contract to Care UK for up to 12 months beyond May 2022. During 2022, it is anticipated that NWL CCG will be succeeded by an Integrated Care Board (ICB). Any future contract and/or procurement opportunity may therefore be in the name of the ICB


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Published: 31 Jan 2022, Receipt by: 3 Mar 2022