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NWL0001 End of Life and Community Specialist Palliative Care Services - Harrow, Brent, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon and Hounslow

NWL CCG, requires end of life and community specialist palliative care services to be provided to all patients living in their last phase of life and require end of life or palliative care (usually patients with end stage conditions, such as cancer or HIV/AIDs). Key services required include: -inpatient beds, hospice at home, day services and other support services; -Assessment; -Symptom control & involvement in treatment decisions; -Advice and care in all settings; -Coordinated home support with general providers to enable patients to stay at home day care services; -Family support; -Bereavement support; and -Education and training. The CCG currently have the following contracts in place, which are partially funded by the service providers below to provide the above services: Boroughs/Locations: St Luke's Hospice - Harrow and Brent (1,763,089) St John's Hospice - Brent (272,340) St John's Hospice - West London, Central London and H&F (2,013,740) Marie Curie (Rapid Response & Planned Nursing) - Hounslow (210,356) Marie Curie Hampstead Hospice - Brent (112,200) Harlington Hospice/MHS - Hillingdon (918,000) The term of the above mentioned contracts are 1st April 2021 - 31st March 2022 and a year's further extension has been granted for 12 months, 1st April 2022 - 31st March 2023 during which time, the CCG will assess and review the community specialist palliative needs of the service users. In particular, the CCG is looking at ways in which the services can be provided in an integrated way and whether the CCG can implement a 24-hour consultant palliative care support line across ICPs or the ICS. NWL CCG is currently of the view that the services described are capable of being provided only by the providers mentioned above, and are not aware of other providers who could deliver the services at the current tariffs and who have estates in the areas where services need to be delivered. The purpose of this notice is to be transparent about the CCG's intentions and to invite anyone interested in delivering the services described above to contact us by 4 March 2022. NWL CCG is considering options for making future arrangements for these services beyond March 2023 which may involve looking to tender the opportunity in the future and/or directly awarding contracts to other hospices/providers depending on the outcome of the CCG's review and any organisation coming forward in response to this notice. Any capable provider may come forward by 4 March 2022 to engage with the CCG. If it is the case that the above providers are the only provider capable of delivering the services described, then the CCG will look to award a further contract to the above providers for up to 18 months beyond April 2023. During 2022, it is anticipated that NWL CCG will be succeeded by an Integrated Care Board (ICB). Any future contract and/or procurement opportunity may therefore be in the name of the ICB.


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Published: 31 Jan 2022, Receipt by: 4 Mar 2022