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NWL0035 Mental Health Services - Harrow

NWL CCG requires mental health services across 3 core programmes in Harrow: a Mental Health Telephone Hotline; Stepping Stones physical activity courses; and a User Involvement project. The Harrow Mental Health Information Line aims to provide timely interventions to enable callers experiencing a mental health problem, their carers or professionals to make informed choices about accessing mental health support in Harrow. The physical activity courses address health inequalities for people socially excluded by mental illness or cultural factors from engaging in physical activity and enables people to better manage their mental and physical health and prevent or reduce dependency on statutory services. The User Involvement project ensures the meaningful involvement of users with serious mental health problems in planning, development, standards and evaluation of mental health services in Harrow, through constructive dialogue between all stakeholders. The main objectives of these projects and services are: -To reduce impact on public services through preventative interventions, including information about culturally sensitive, free or low-cost community resources; -To address inequalities in access to health services through provision of timely information; -To offer seamless and co-ordinated pathways between local information and advice providers, avoiding duplication. -To enable people socially excluded by mental illness to recover their life in the mainstream and reduce the sigma of mental illness; -To facilitate an ongoing and constructive dialogue between service users, commissioners and service providers through the Harrow User Group and user representatives to improve patient experience and service pathways; and -To ensure that the service users involved reflect Harrow's diverse demographic. The CCG currently has a contract in place with Mind in Harrow to provide the services. The term of this contract is 18 months, and expires on 31st March 2023 (value: 64,260.00) during which time the CCG will review the needs of the service users and consider how (if relevant) it can take an integrated approach with NWL CCG (Harrow Borough), Harrow Local Authority, CNWL and Experts by Experience. If it is the case that Mind in Harrow is the only provider capable of delivering all the services described, then the CCG will look to award a further contract to Mind in Harrow after March 2023. The purpose of this notice is to be transparent about the CCG's intentions and to invite anyone interested in delivering the services described above to contact us by 3rd March 2022. During 2022, it is anticipated that NWL CCG will be succeeded by an Integrated Care Board (ICB). Any future contract may therefore be in the name of the ICB.


NWL CCG Contracts Team
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Published: 31 Jan 2022, Receipt by: 3 Mar 2022