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NWL0029 Mental Health Support Service Centre for Young People - Brent

NWL CCG requires a locally based specialist support service in Brent for children or young people who have specific mental health needs and/or are vulnerable, where some low intensity monitoring/interventions may be required. It serves the needs of young people aged between 11-19 years who are resident in Brent or registered with a Brent GP or in a Brent school. Key services required include: -Receipt and acknowledgement of referrals -Swift and comprehensive assessment of the young person's needs -Identification of service required -Provision of the therapeutic intervention -Education, prevention advice and counselling on issues concerning young people's mental health -Advice and information on a range of emotional well-being topics to any young person referred to the service -Referrals to specialist provision if required -Supporting parents and professionals/staff in meeting the young person's needs -Interventions based on good quality evidence where this exists -Use of outcome measures to monitor the effectiveness of interventions -Prepare Individual plans which focus on key issues and consider: an intervention programme; possible contact with family or carers; Interface with employment, education or training; Interface with the wider community. The CCG currently has a contract in place with Brent Centre for Young People (BCYP) to provide the above services. The current contract terms is 1 Oct 2021 - 31 Mar 2022 (value: 67,000), during which time, the CCG will assess the needs of the service users and consider how (if relevant) it needs to: -Secure the needs of the people who use the services. -Improve the quality of the services. -Improve the efficiency in the provision of the services including through the services being provided in an integrated way. NWL CCG is currently of the view that the services described are capable of being provided only by BCYP. The market has been engaged and no provider to deliver the scope has been identified in the region. Uninterrupted continuity of the service is critical and a new service provider may result in significant risk to the level of provision and expertise, and may affect the emotional well-being and mental health of children in Brent, as there is a high level of demand and high waiting times. BCYP offers a unique internationally recognised therapeutic approach and has a waiting time for services that is excellent. In the case that BCYP is the only provider capable of delivering the services described, then the CCG will look to award a further contract to BCYP for up to 3 years beyond April 2022. The purpose of this notice is to be transparent about the CCG's intentions and to invite capable provider in delivering the services described above to contact us by 4 March 2022. In 2022, it is anticipated that NWL CCG will be succeeded by an Integrated Care Board (ICB). Any future contract and/or procurement opportunity may therefore be in the name of ICB


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Published: 28 Jan 2022, Receipt by: 4 Mar 2022