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Data Consultant: Soy Traders Scorecard

WWF seeks a contractor/specialist in data collection, data management, analysis and scoring to support the production of a WWF Soy Traders Scorecard. The contractor will work in close collaboration with WWF staff based around the world to refine a robust scoring methodology to assess soy traders, manage the data collection and compilation, create materials to engage and interface with companies and analyse the data received to score companies. Proposals should include: - Approach for completion of the project; - Relevant experience (and case studies if applicable); - CVs of consultants who will participate in the project; - A precise budget broken down by key tasks, including consultant daily rates; - The estimated number of person-days required; - A detailed timeline for delivery. The application should be no longer than 6 sides plus CVs of participating consultants. Please find attached a copy of WWF-UK's standard terms and conditions. In your response, please indicate your acceptance of these terms or return with your comments.


Sabrina Concalves Krebsbach
The Living Planet Centre,Brewery Road
01483 412160

Contract value:

Published: 19 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 9 Sep 2020