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UKSBS PR20010 R55 & R80 COSHH Extract System Compliance Project

The ISIS Spallation Neutron and Muon Source operating at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in South Oxfordshire is a world leading centre for research in physical and life sciences. Users from across the world use the neutron and muons produced by ISIS to study samples at atomic scales using a suite of specialised instruments and detectors. For the past twenty five years, the science performed at ISIS has contributed to a wide range of disciplines, from material science and biotechnology to catalysis and clean energy storage. The spallation neutrons are produced by bombarding two tungsten targets (TS1 and TS2) with high energy protons produced by a particle accelerator. Muons are produced by an intermediate target off the TS1 proton beamline using a Carbon target. Shielded Instrument beamlines off each target station direct pulsed neutrons by way of a series of focusing magnets to experimental huts where the experiments are carried out. Typically instrument scientists use compressors and vacuum pumps during their experiments that require the discharge of small quantities of noxious and flammable gases. At present, there are two COSHH extract systems for both R55 and R80 - one to serve Local Extract Ventilation (LEV) hoods within and external to the Block Houses and the other to serve vacuum systems. This contract requires the Contractor to undertake the detailed design and on-site modification of the existing COSHH systems (i.e. from Nederman extract LEV through to roof stack duct and stack fan in both R55 and R80 facilities. R55 stack ducts are to remain without any modifications). The work includes both the mechanical and electrical design and installation. The purpose of the work is to ensure that the systems comply with the COSHH Regulations 2002 and amendments (ref 2) and subsequent legislative revisions. To this end, the Contractor will be responsible for all installation modifications necessary to achieve compliance until each COSHH system is registered by STFC's insurers. STFC's SHE Group will arrange for the insurers to undertake appropriate testing. To facilitate the Contractor in their design responsibilities reference should be made to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Guidance 2014. The Contractor will be acting as Principal Designer under the CDM Regulations (2015) and will be responsible for ensuring that the design of the COSHH Extract systems complies with the COSHH Regulations 2002 and amendments (ref 2). Please refer to the Specification document and associated documentation, held within the Delta eSourcing platform for the full specification.

Polaris House

Contract value: 140000-150000

Published: 6 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 15 Sep 2020