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Purchase of A Mechanical Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

APHA requires the supply and delivery of one (1) chest style cryogenic mechanical ultra-low temperature (-150 oC) freezer to replace an existing liquid nitrogen based cryo-store. The Equipment requirements are detailed below: - Must be a chest style design. - Must have an internal storage capacity of between two hundred and thirty (230) L and two hundred and fifty (250) L. - Spares for the Equipment must be available for purchase for at least ten (10) years post-delivery. - Must be capable of maintaining an operating temperature of minus one hundred and fifty (-150°C) maximum with an accuracy of plus or minus ten (10) °C. - Must be supplied with a minimum of 120 cryogenic boxes (size 13.3 cm x 13.3 cm x 5.2 cm) and sufficient racks to accommodate the boxes. - The racks and the corresponding cryogenic boxes must be compatible with the Equipment. - Must operate on UK mains power, using a standard 240 volt, 13 amp UK three pin plug. - Must contain a digital control / display panel showing current operating temperature. - Must contain upper and lower temperature limit alarms. - Must contain entry port for the insertion of a temperature monitoring probe wire. - Must be compliant with current EU / UK safety standards for electrical equipment. - Must be compliant with current EU / UK standards for refrigerant gases. - Must have caster wheels which must lock once the Equipment is in final position. - Must have user adjustable temperature and alarms. - Must not exceed eight-hundred and ninety (890mm) deep as the Equipment is required to fit through a door which is nine hundred (900) mm wide x one-thousand, eight hundred and eighty (1880) mm high. - Must be able to be locked. Delivery, including removal of all packing materials, is required on or before Friday 30th October 2020.


Defra Group Commercial
17 Nobel House

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Published: 7 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 1 Sep 2020