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GB-London: Collections management and web publishing systems for our photographic collections

NOTE: This notice was updated on 11 August 2020 for the following reason: Please note the access code for this contract is Z5D7QUWSF2(The Software Supplier must deliver to the Courtauld a one stop, fully integrated, centrally managed, expandable and supported Software Solution. In addition to supplying a programme of work detailing the way the solution will be implemented, the solution itself must be capable of meeting internationally recognised standards for: Cloud storage either supplied by contractor, or using the Courtauld's own systems supplied under contract by a 3rd party Digital asset management and rights management - primarily for images but also for video, audio and 3D files. Cataloguing - free text, controlled text and thesauri within the Collections Management System Metadata structure, management and search within the Collections Management System Data import Web publishing Presentation of interpretative content, essays, blogs, events Visualisation of metadata Sharing User enrichment / crowdsourced cataloguing with associated user forums for membership discussion, support and tutorials and the capability to feed crowdsourced metadata back into the CMS and then to the website Accessibility Rights managed licensing and download on demand (to be delivered through the software solution, principally to support distributing, wherever possible, images under a CC BY NC 4.0 license for non-commercial use, but also commercial rights managed licensing) Print on demand - not a requirement of the software solution but it is anticipated that the software solution will be required to export selections of images and their metadata to a third-party solution to be developed to cover all the Courtauld's image collections, including the Courtauld Gallery Audit and reporting capabilities In addition, the Software Solution must fulfil the Courtauld's requirements for: Technical infrastructure Availability Security and privacy Audit and reporting capabilities Analytics Support, maintenance and service management Product development Roadmap The system procured as a result of this tender will support the digitisation projects currently being undertaken by the Department of Digital Media under the Courtauld Connects programme for 

The Conway Library
, The Witt Library
, The De Laszlo Collection of Paul Laib Negatives
, The Anthony Kersting Archive, and
 The Photographic Survey


Tom Bilson
Somerset House

Contract value: 100000-500000

Published: 10 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 14 Sep 2020