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Systems to Support Future Model of Adult Social Care

We are looking for a partner that will help us revolutionise adult social care beyond the current offering of traditional case management. In a future where self-service, robotics and virtualised social care can become a reality, our partner will already be working in this world where AI is helping people make better and faster decisions and services are being provided to people faster than ever before. We are seeking written submissions from suppliers, setting out how they can fulfil our vision for the future model of adult social care and meet our business and technical requirements. To ensure we have understood the supplier responses we may seek further clarification from some suppliers. This PIN outlines our current thinking on our requirements, and to assist us with developing a comprehensive business case we are seeking feedback from suppliers on costs. Specifically: 1. What would be a realistic budget for implementation of the whole solution? This is to include all the supplier's costs. 2. What level of internal resource would you require from us to implement the solution? This should include an indication of level of staff resources and timescales that these would be required. 3. What should we expect to pay annually to a supplier for this solution (Revenue costs)? 4. What should we expect our full time equivalent internal resource be to maintain, change and support this solution each year? This information is to enable us to develop a business case and determine the financial viability of the solution. At this stage, dependent on the outcome of this exercise, it may be that this project does not progress any further. We will review submissions and aim to have decided on the viability of the project in January 2021.


John Tapsell
Tipping Street

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Published: 11 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 12 Sep 2020