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RFQ - NO-NOx Chemiluminescence Analyser

The NPL requirement is for a chemiluminescence analyser that can measure high amount fraction nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide (measured as NOx) reference gas mixtures (up to 10,000 μmol/mol, or 1 %) according to BS EN 14211. The purpose is to replace an old asset and to extend our capability so that it meets our requirements. The chemiluminescence analyser will be used to measure reference gas standards that will be relatively clean, so if there is a choice of catalytic converter materials it is preferable to be more selective towards NO2 than to be more resilient against catalyst poisoning. The analyser needs to be compact enough to be rack mounted in a standard rack (max width 450 mm), and ideally it should have an integrated pump and ozone generator and destroyer as space is limited. It should be able to generate dry air for the ozone generator without the need for an external supply gas. The analyser should have an analog output signal of 0 - 10 V and should be easily integrated into a measurement system with the voltage being logged by a compact RIO data acquisition module (NI 9202, ± 10 V, 24 bit).

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Published: 31 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 17 Aug 2020