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Patient Experience Measure Stages 2 & 3

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust requires a service provider to improve their measurement, analysis and dissemination of patient feedback. Berkshire Healthcare is seeking to contract with a suitably qualified provider to develop a patient experience measurement to be used across all their services in community and mental health. This should complement the Friends and Family Test (FFT) which is nationally mandated for use as well as any other national patient survey programmes the Trust participates in, for example National Mental Health Survey. This contract will build on previous work done on patient experience themes and consist of two stages which the Trust is referring to as Stage 2 and Stage 3. Stage 2 will include designing the feedback survey and mechanism for collation and data analysis, in collaboration with Berkshire Healthcare's staff and patients. In this phase the designed measure will be piloted as well as the method of delivery (paper survey/ online/ SMS) across all our services. - Design a patient experience questionnaire - Pilot the patient experience questionnaire - Collate information gathered for services Stage 3 requires the provider to implement and embed the new patient experience measure across all services in the Trust and integrate the measurement system within the organisation's management system, including the analysis of the patient feedback and reporting of the patient feedback to the relevant services in real time. Embedding the survey will include assurance the survey is being correctly used by all services, there is a standardised application of the measure by all services and guidance as to the best schedule for delivering the survey e.g. after discharge/ after every contact/ over a set 4 month period annually etc. This will include the ongoing hosting of the platform to provide analysis of data and deliver the data back to services. The stage 2 & 3 work is expected to take 12 months. The ongoing hosting of the platform will be for a further 3 years.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Procurement Department, Fitzwilliam House, Skimped Hill Lane
RG12 1BQ

Contract value: 355000

Published: 31 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 31 Aug 2020