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GB-Edinburgh: Refurbishment and Upgrade of Slipways

The Works Davaar (Campbeltown) The Boat landing at Davaar consists of a coursed rubble granite slipway (5m wide x 34m long x 0.9m average height), with dressed capping stones along the edges of the top surface. The general condition is fair and the overall line and profile of the structure are straight and true. However, a section of the top surface, towards the seaward end (approx. 10m x 3.4m), is showing signs of possible scour damage to the hearting material (i.e. open joints between interlocking stones and settlement of the deck surface). Holy Island Inner (Arran) The Boat landing at Holy Island Inner consists of a South-West facing high water pier, with 4 No adjacent steps to the Southern aspect (to allow for low water landing). The vertical elevations, top surface (with assumed random rubble fill) and steps have been overlain in mass concrete. The structure has been patch repaired with mass concrete at various times in the past. The top surface of the pier is generally in fair serviceable condition, with localised spalling and potholes towards the Lighthouse end. The main sea-ward elevation and the North and South elevations are in poor condition, with extensive loss of concrete and scour damage at the seabed level. The surfaces of the low water landing steps are also significantly eroded. Fladda (Slate Islands) These works are not currently included for pricing but will be additional work awarded on successful completion at the first two sites. Boat landing at Fladda is on the north side of the island and extends 45m into the sea. Areas that have been washed out will require to be refilled with concrete bagwork with elevations reformed and surfaces restored using local slate to match the existing. This project is similar to Holy Island. More detail of the works will be available on completion of a full survey which has not been completed to date. For detailed description of the works refer to the Bill of Quantities. Site visits are planned on 31 August and 1 September 2020. Should the weather conditions be a problem and alternative date will be arranged with all interested parties


Ruth Millan
84 George Street

Contract value: 100000-500000

Published: 31 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 26 Aug 2020