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Development and Delivery of Software and Graphic Design for the New Fusion Expo

EUROfusion used a travelling exhibition Called "Fusion Expo" as its main outreach tool. The main objective was to exhibit fusion energy research to the public with the aim of educating the public and explaining the problems with fusion power,the research that has currently been completed and the future goals. EUROfusion Wishes to build a new version of its outreach activity to both fix the previous "Fusion Expo" weaknesses and align with the European Commission's "Horizon 2020" recommendations. A design company is therefore required to develop and deliver the exhibition's Software & graphic design of the new Fusion Expo (working title; Power to the people) and bring unity and coherence to the interpretation prototyped by our team. The exhibition is planned to open in May 2021 It is important to note in this context that the Software production and design tender service requested in this exhibition is an extensive production based on a prototyping phase. Meaning, that the awarded contractor will start collaboration based on an existing content and solution options. The overall function of the Service provider in this project is: The finalisation of all the content to a level of quality that allows a public display and proper UX and fit all the finalisation into the assigned budget. On-going maintenance is expected for a period of five years after installation but is subject to on-going funding decsions.


Guy Wells
Culham Science Centre
OX14 3DB
+44 0123546

Contract value: 1-2

Published: 2 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 2 Sep 2020