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Neurophysiology Services

Neurophysiology Engagement Notice United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust are seeking expressions of interest from providers of Neurophysiology Services to provide testing and reporting to patients referred to the Trust. The aims and objectives of the service are to provide consultant sessions for the Trust, on-site within the Hospital Sites. The minimum requirements for work carried out in a session would be eight simple EMG/NCS, four complex EMG or two SFEMG. The role of the consultant is to: • Undertake EMG clinics • Report other studies • Provide clinical advice to referrers based at the Trust. • Provide support and clinical leadership to the Clinical Physiologists within the service • Provide advice on clinical protocols used throughout the department • Supervise the training of Clinical Physiologists in roles requiring consultant sign off of training (e.g. reporting normal EEGs, undertaking and reporting nerve conduction studies) • Report emergency EEG tests on the same working day and urgent EEG investigations within one working day The expression of interest to the market is issued on the basis of no guaranteed activity, but annual contract spend for 2021-22 onwards is estimated at £300,000 per annum and is determined by the needs of patients referred for the service. Interested providers are invited to respond to the document issued as part of this expression of interest through the pro-contract portal to provide the Trust with market benchmarking information and to inform future service delivery options for this service.


Kelly Wilson
Beech House
Waterside South

Contract value:

Published: 3 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 20 Aug 2020