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CP1329-16(4) Supporting Independence

Devon County Council is the Contracting Authority for CP1329-16(4) Supporting Independence as detailed in the Specifications contained in Schedules associated to the Invitation to Tender (ITT) Document for this tender opportunity. CP1329-16(4) Supporting Independence is a contract consisting of two Open Framework Agreements, each with subsequent entry points should the Authority take the permitted extension periods. The Authority intends to exercise its discretion to enter into Extension Period 3 of the above-mentioned contract and therefore will open an Entry Point to allow for l; New entrants onto the Supporting Independence Framework; Tenderers who have previously submitted a Tender unsuccessfully, further opportunity to tender again; Providers who are already on the Supporting Independence Framework will have an opportunity to re-submit prices should they wish (including providing prices for additional zones, increasing or decreasing existing prices) that have previously been submitted by submitting section E3 - Pricing Schedule for Lot 1, Lot 2 or Lots 1 and 2 by completing the Price or Zone Amendment Pro-forma. Each entry point will be a single stage procurement. This is procured under Part 2, Chapter 3, Section 7 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) - Social and Other Specific Services (also known as 'the light touch regime') This procurement does not follow, in particular, any of the defined procedures of the PCR 2015 (even if there are similarities) but does seek to adhere to the best practice procurement principles of Openness, Transparency, Fairness and Equity. CP1329-16(4) Supporting Independence contract consists of two lots. Each lot will operate over the administrative boundary area of Devon County Council and each lot will be split into 8 further sub-lots or zones, herby known as Zones. This contract will provide support services to Service Users (either as part of a group or individually) that have an eligible and assessed care need(s) that sits outside of the criteria for regulated care as defined by the Care Quality Commission. Each lot will have an individual Open Framework agreement and will have subsequent Entry Points after the initial Contract Duration as detailed at A1 of the ITT. At each Entry Point the Procurement Process will be conducted by the Authority in accordance with the instructions as defined in the ITT. Each Lot will have a duration of 12 months.


Oliver Reed
County Hall
Topsham Road
+44 1392383000

Contract value: 16657688-16657688

Published: 3 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 8 Sep 2020