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Provision of International Student Pathway Services

The University of Southampton (UoS) has a strategic objective to increase the number of international students over the next five years whilst at the same time diversify both levels of study for students as well as the countries of origin. To achieve this target, the university aims to develop the international market by ensuring that there is a consistent pipeline of students to our programmes through Foundation and Pre-masters provision. Based on research and analysis we have identified there is value in developing a partnership with an external provider to design, develop and deliver our vision. The impact of Covid-19 has meant that there is more emphasis on realising this strategic objective since international fee income stability will be more important for sustainability in a post-pandemic world. We are therefore seeking to select a partner to deliver International Foundation and Pre-Masters programmes with us.

University Road

Contract value: 5000000-15000000

Published: 4 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 3 Sep 2020