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Packaging Support Solution

Other additional information: The contracting authority considers that this contract may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). However, any selection of tenderers will be based solely on the criteria set out for the procurement.The Authority reserves the right to amend any condition related to security of information to reflect any changes in national law or government policy. If any contract documents are accompanied by instructions on safeguarding classified information (e.g. a Security Aspects Letter), the Authority reserves the right to amend the terms of these instructions to reflect any changes in national law or government policy, whether in respect of the applicable protective marking scheme, specific protective markings given, the aspects to which any protective marking applies, or otherwise. The link below to the website provides information on the Government Security Classification. Advertising Regime OJEU:- This contract opportunity is published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU),the MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin and In accordance with DEFSTAN 05-138 the risk level is deemed to be Low The Authority is considering placing a 10-year contract (5-years fixed with five 1-year options) This will involve: • The annual refurbishment of a large quantity of (approximately 200,000 to 350,000) assorted ammunition containers to predefined standards. There are around 50 different container types requiring refurbishment and a considerably larger quantity of internal and external packaging materiel. Typically, these range from the H84 ammunition container (280x83x 74mm) to the L19 unit load (1020x1195x1350mm) container and component part materials include steel, aluminium, polythene, polyethylene, polystyrene, cardboard and wood. The active process for each container will be: o Storing. o Cleaning o Repair (minimal) o Repainting o Testing o Receipting and issuing. The refurbishment procedure will also involve the sifting and review of component parts to maximise stock recycling. The work requires a high degree of flexibility and focus on production targets, whilst maintaining quality standards. • Post-Design Services that provides drawing and manufacturing services to ensure policy compliant movement of ammunition for training and operations. • To provide Fixed annual deliveries for the supply of 1814kg NATO Standard MEXE Pallets for an annual allocation. To meet the MOD's requirement. • To provide Pallet Trays, Top (SV3512), Middle (SV3513) and Bottom (SV3514) to meet DGM and Defence Munitions (DM) requirement of each tray per annum. Pallet Trays are mandated in Def Stan 00-814 as an essential, integral, safety component utilised in the transportation of H83 and M2A1 ammunition containers, the most commonly used ammunition containers by UK MO

#4115, Fir 1C
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 55000000-65000000

Published: 27 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 28 Aug 2020