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E-Scooter Hire - Central Southern England Framework Agreement

Portsmouth City Council (the Council) on behalf of Solent Transport is establishing a multi supplier framework for the provision of shared e-scooter rental schemes in the Solent Transport Area. The initial call-off from the framework will be for the preferred supplier(s) to establish a trial shared e-scooter rental schemes in Portsmouth, launching in October 2020. Future call-offs to provide schemes in Winchester and Southampton are expected to be initiated via framework direct award or mini competition in late 2020/early 2021. All schemes are in response to the Department for Transport's (DfT) desire to trial e-scooters as a new mode of micro mobility transport and the temporary legalisation of shared e-scooter rental schemes from 4th July 2020. As a result all trial schemes will be closely monitored by the relevant Local Authority, Solent Transport and the DfT. The council's progress in setting up the trial, and its final recommended supplier(s) will be monitored by the DfT and must receive DfT approval before any trials can commence. Failure to obtain this approval will halt the commencement of the trial. To this end, suppliers are advised that they must have secured DfT approval at the point of tender submission. The initial Portsmouth trial will be based around the existing park and ride schemes. The aim is that e-scooters will provide additional and supplementary modes of transport when capacity and appetite to use public transport is reduced due to the impact of COVID-19. The council has identified a number of key stops along the park and ride route between the terminal at the car park on the M275, the University of Portsmouth and the Hard. Another element of the Portsmouth scheme will provide a hub at Lakeside North Harbour business park, linking to local destinations including the Cosham Interchange. Additional hub locations in key retail, tourist and business areas are also to be made available including Southsea tourist attractions, shopping and restaurant areas and additional transport hubs. The council's primary launch focus is in respect of the park and ride schemes although the council remains open to bids that consider these additional locations either from the outset or as expansion opportunities later in the trial. It is anticipated that the Portsmouth scheme will initially consist of approximately 80 e-scooters, with the potential to expand up to 241 scooters during the trial. The successful operator will be required to provide the following services: o A fleet of suitable e-scooters to be part of a shared rental scheme for use by the public. The vehicles must comply with all DfT guidelines in respect of speed and weight etc. o A suitable, secure parking solution to ensure the city streetscape can remain clutter-free. o A solution that enables users to hire e-scooters, including payment, registration/confirmation of driving capability, driving licence details etc. o...


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Contract value: 5000000-50000000

Published: 28 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 28 Aug 2020