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Cefas: FSP69 Demersal Trawl Gear

FOR FURTHER DETAILS VISIT: The proposal is to assess differences in catches between a 100mm cod end vs an 80mm cod end and 100mm cod end vs 100mm cod end with a 100mm square mesh panel in the Celtic Sea (7e) otter trawl fishery, and potentially explore the effect of other trawl modifications such as bridles and tickler chains. The trials will take place during September 2020 to January 2021. The expected work is likely to involve up to 12 days of data collection activity under charter. This tender is seeking a demersal twin rigged otter trawl vessel. The vessel will operate under full charter, including all management, crew, fuel, and other activities necessary to collect fisheries data FOR FURTHER DETAILS VISIT:


Emma Roberts (Cefas)
Pakefield Road
NR33 0HT

Contract value: 10000

Published: 28 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 14 Aug 2020