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COV - Civil Engineering Support Framework (2020)

The primary purpose of this framework is to provide suitably skilled and experienced workers, along with the necessary equipment, to undertake civil engineering maintenance work. Types of work include highways maintenance/enhancement schemes such as road patching, ironworks, paving work etc. across the City, on an as and when needed basis to supplement the Council's Highways DLO workforce but may also be used across the Council, where the in-house service are unable to carry out the work or does not have the capacity. The proposal is to break the new contract into the following lots (in line with the current framework): Lot 1 - The adjustment and replacement of carriageway ironwork in association with resurfacing and other surface treatments; Lot 2 - Reactive and programmed pothole patching/repair maintenance; Lot 3 - Civil engineering and traffic safety schemes between the value of ?0-250,000; Lot 4 - Civil engineering and traffic safety schemes above the value of ?250,000;


Sheree Wesson
United Kingdom
024 7697 1417

Contract value: 5000000-12000000

Published: 29 Jul 2020, Receipt by: 28 Aug 2020